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Mambo Yatande Daho Sanped

Patricia's Published Work

Through the eye of the eagle sky 

This book is a compilation of short stories and poetry. Through the short stories encounter scenes of love triangle, feelings of jealousy, deception and betrayal. The overall lines of this book discuss: morality, life lessons and motivation. Written for mature adults,My fictional work can become a source for motivation. "See it for your self"


Through the eye of the Eagle Sky

Through the eye of the eagle sky is a collection of short stories and poetry, full of passion, machination and powerful contemplation, tailored from the heart of the author. A compilation of two unique short stories and More than twenty poems are included in this book, covering very strong topics such as everyday life matters, social conflicts etc… Through the eye of the eagle sky, featuring first short story_ “when black smoke Invades “Twenty nine-year old Agatha smith, born in this small town of Memphis, Tennessee; she possesses a Bachelor degree in accounting. She has been working for the Wiener/Wiener law firm for four years now. So unfortunate, with no explanation given she is fired by her boss Ted Wiener, whom also degrades her, with the shocking news. Now Agatha is spiraling downhill. Where will she go from here? Will she pull herself together? Or will she stay in the gutters when black smoke invades? In the second short story _ Poor Catherine Peterson finds herself in a predicament with her husband’s dead body in her basement. She is having difficulty making a decision whether to call the police department or taking matters into her own hands. Find out which avenue Catherine chooses that ends up leading her to The Battered Scarecrow Through the eye of the eagle sky, is like a live scenario of written thoughts. A must read for anyone whose buried in darkness and is seeking brightness with a ray of sunlight. This book contains very motivational words that make you strong enough to pull up your bootstraps.

ISBN: 978-1-4662-1271-8

publisher: Create Space

year: 0

internet store:

The e book only 1.99 @ Amazon, Barns and Noble

Author highlights power of truth in face of uncertainty in poetry, short story collection

Messages of morality and passion play out in realistic scenarios in Patricia Etienne's "Through the Eye of the Eagle Sky"

CHELSEA, Mass. (MMD Newswire) October 19, 2011 -- In "Through the Eye of the Eagle Sky" (ISBN 1466212713), Patricia Etienne mixes powerful poetry with interesting short stories to discuss morality, life lessons and motivation. Written for mature adults, Etienne believes her fictional work can become a source for motivation.

The first short story describes a love triangle in the halls of a well-known Memphis law firm. Agatha Smith has been involved with her boss and CEO of the firm, Ted Wiener for nearly three months. She is summoned to his office one day, and is informed about Ted's struggling marriage and his inability to see Agatha anymore. He breaks up with Agatha before ultimately firing her. Agatha does not shrink away, though, and through the support of friends, she doesn't allow herself to be pushed around.

Etienne's other short story also deals with love and feelings of jealousy. Katherine finds a love note written to her husband Patrick. After confronting him, an accident occurs severely injuring, and ultimately killing him. Katherine hides her husband's body in fear that the evidence is stacked against her. Etienne's continuous message of truth prevailing is made clear as Katherine's conscience won't allow her to keep her secret.

Readers are introduced to other poems and stories with the same overall message to live a meaningful life and to allow truth to be the motivation to do the right thing. Etienne's inspiration for her collection of writings came through the environments and challenges that were presented to her throughout her life.

"Life is challenging every day. Sometimes I really have to push myself to live the way I portray my characters. But I must find a way to be strong and passionate through everything, or else how can I expect my readers to do the same thing?" Etienne says.

"Through the Eye of the Eagle Sky" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Patricia Etienne was born in Haiti, and is a licensed practicing nurse. She has written a movie script that is in post-production with Spar Productions, has published poetry online and has performed her poems on stage in front of a live audience. "Through the Eye of the Eagle Sky" is the first book for Etienne, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three children.


Patricia Etienne

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (857) 249-5910



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Through the eye of the Eagle Sky

Clarion Review

If life is a game, then curveballs come out of nowhere and storms threaten even the brightest days. Patricia Etienne’s collection of twenty poems and two short stories chronicles the pursuit of happiness in a world filled with tragedy. It centers on protagonists who fight to pick up the pieces when trust is broken and happiness is stolen. Etienne advises an “all is not lost” attitude. She encourages people to open their eyes and ears to what is going on around them—enlightenment is the name of the game.

Etienne’s strength is character development. The short stories feature likable, if flawed, characters. “The Battered Scarecrow” features a protagonist named Katherine who slowly comes to the realization that her husband, Patrick, is cheating on her. When Katherine finally confronts him, an argument ensues. With one wrong move, Patrick suffers a freak injury, and Katherine’s world is turned upside down. The second story, “When Black Smoke Invades,” sees twenty-nine-year-old Angela fired from her job and abandoned by her boss-lover. Both stories are about what happens when the storm approaches, and how the characters pick themselves up again after tragedy pierces their worlds.

The twenty poems in this collection are not nearly as well-defined as the short stories. They are, however, filled with equal passion. There are some moments of sharp wisdom in Etienne’s poems. “A Dismantle Cradle” includes the vivid declaration, “We sometimes get struck by our destiny.” It is in lines like this where the reader can perhaps hear “the cry of the eagle sky.”

On the other hand, the poems are sometimes statements of the obvious. This excerpt from “My Life” is a prime example: “But life wouldn’t be life / Without its injuries.” The poems lack the subtlety of the short stories, and they need their own protagonists to give them meaning. The result is that the poems—notwithstanding the offer of a few bright moments—do not have near the impact of the short stories.

Through the eye of the Eagle Sky asks us to open our eyes to the bones hanging behind us, to point the finger away from others and toward ourselves. The common thread throughout this collection seems to be that the broken need to be mended, and that this can happen only if we expand our view to include all the possibilities the world has to offer.

Lisa Bower

December 7, 2011

Patricia Etienne




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