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Mambo Yatande Daho Sanped

   The Undercover of Darkness (Book One)                                           

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One woman?s chance to start over is marred with evil in Patricia Etienne?s adrenaline-pumping young adult novel, The Undercover of Darkness. Faced with a horrifying discovery, a young widow must fight for her life?and the lives of her children?to stop an unspeakable terror from taking over the town.

Bonise-Ann is a recent widow just trying to get back on her feet. With her three young children in tow, she flees the heartbreaking memories that linger in her hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut, and sets out for a new destination: Gleeson, Arizona. A veritable ghost town, Gleeson is where Bonise-Ann is determined to start her new life. There she?ll stay in the house of her late husband?s relative, the devastatingly sweet Aunt Nellie.

Upon arriving, the house Bonise-Ann expects turns out to be a sprawling mansion. Gorgeous but eerily empty feeling, the mansion gives Bonise-Ann a strange and unsettling feeling. Instead of leaving, however, Bonise-Ann struggles to make sense of her surroundings?all the while trying to keep calm for her children?s sake.

But things take a turn for the bizarre when Bonise-Ann stumbles across a horrific secret: buried underneath the benign exterior of the lonely town lies an underground witch?s coven that has entranced most of the male population in Gleeson. This terrifying plot extends even to the authorities, who prove no help to Bonise-Ann at all.

Having unearthed the coven?s identity, Bonise-Ann and her children are held hostage within the cavernous mansion. Denied some much needed medicine, Bonise-Ann must find a way to escape her makeshift prison or risk losing everything?and everyone?she loves.

Can Bonise-Ann find a way to fight against the undercover of darkness? Or will she be doomed forever in a town wracked with evil? Find out in this taut thriller that will leave readers guessing until the very last page.

The Making of Undercover-darkness:

Interviewed by Lynn Grimson, Senior of Solstice Book Club

Q: What was the inspiration for writing Undercover-darkness and how did you come up with the title?


The whole idea started from a box-shaped locket pendant, which I still own. I noticed, each time I looked at this piece of jewelry. I would feel so weird. I got flashback from my past time. Unlike a deja-vu, because it wasn't a brief glimpse. Those flashbacks would last long, and I would experience vivid scenes. I never understood why such precognition, but I'm one who doesn't take things for granted. I felt something could come out from this, but I didn't know what? One Sunday morning and I was home alone... As I walked into the living area. My eyes fell on a cubic inch ash urn being seated on the corner shelf. Instantly, I recalled of a friend of mine who played a practical joke on me. One Christmas, she gave me an urn wrapped up in a gift paper. Simply, she knew how much I was petrified of the thought of being cremated. So, the idea of paranormal came to me. I combined the two objects together, and I created the story of Undercover Darkness.

Q: The protagonist of this story Bonise Ann Taylor, how she ended up moving to Aunt Nellie's mansion with her three children, and how would you describe her?


Bonise-Ann Taylor, played an outstanding character in this story- after she lost of her long-time position- the chief magazine. She underwent intensive rehabilitation inpatient for manic-depressive disorder. As misfortune continued to unfold, she endured greater financial strains, which led her to face a home foreclosure. Aunt Nellie was her safe haven. She offered Bonise-Ann and her three children hospitality into her mansion. Bonise-Ann? a widow, mother and a fighter. Under her thin nose, she could smell and sense the strange happenings in the mansion. Through light and heavy storms, she held onto her main goal, and axe out the root of all evil. All men were able to regain their masculinity strength and mental functions. Her bravery helped to re-establish lightness in the town of Gleeson Arizona.

Q: Now tell me about Aunt Nellie and how did she manage to control the entire town police's ward for so long?


psychopath, a male basher, she conducted an underground witch?s coven that has entranced most of the male population in Gleeson. she preyed on young boys who have no voice, or common sense to speak out. With ruse, power and money, she could retrieve their souls on the purpose to gain masculinity strength. Their auras of youth could be stolen and added to her body through using witchcraft.

Q: How do you think readers are going to embrace this story?

A: Prior publishing this story, I sent the manuscript to many friends of mine included one of my former professors, and they advised me to go for it. I felt reassured by their suggestions, because they are readers and some of them are writers as well. That being said, I followed my guts and the motivation that aided me to untwist this tale. On that note, I think paranormal literature is grand in the market right now.

Q: What do you learn from writing this story and what was the hardest part?

A: More hands on, I get to horn the craft better. I'm able to differentiate the scientific twist when writing with a paranormal thread. It's a genre of writing, that can take a toll on someone. The element of magic, many different concepts used to create the mythology of the characters, places, scenes... Definitely nothing like writing a plain romance, erotica, fantasy, a piece of poem and so forth...

Q: You break away from your traditional writing type to being a paranormal genre. How do you feel about that?

A: Well, this story was a discovery for me. I hope it wouldn't be the last. Now I can fully say that I'm versatile in writing. Lol

Q: How long did you spend writing this book, and what advice do you have for other writers?

A: I would say a year plus because I stopped in between due to a family emergency. For other writers, I used to see writing as an art, which I was dead wrong. Writing is a craft one just have to toot their own horn.

Q: Where do you see your writing going?

A: It's every writer's dream and hope to be the next one in line for the big break. However, writing is a gift a form of release, which can only be done with love and passion. I may never be the next Terry McMillan, but that won't stop me from continuing to touch many hearts and souls via my craft.

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