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Mambo Yatande Daho Sanped

Ti Lakou Bayawonn

Honor and respect to you all!

My birth right name's Patricia Etienne. However, I like being called Pat. My initiatory name and rank is Mambo Yatande Daho Sanpèd Bon mambo Daguimen Menfò, pitit Yacezi Bon Manbo, pitit-pitit Janbemalè Bon hougan, pitit-pitit-pitit pile pase Bon Manbo menfò and shall continuing under the banner of vaudou lore. I'm a Mambo Asongwe. I was born in Haiti to a very interesting family tree. Let's just say being chosen to serve the loa is one thing you cannot escape from; because some of us are born with a mark and we destine to stay that way. I'm currently located in Massachusetts ; there I observe and serve the loa with full sphere. I also render spiritual work to those who are seeking for help. My peristyle (temple) is known as Ti Lakou Bayawonn, which is located in Cabarèt Haìti. I like doing magick and take pride of what I do. Being in devotion with my spirits it feels like an active feeling of joy and overpowering. It's like my daily bread. I have no limit, no fear. When I shake my spiritual asson, I like to cross the path and see result.              

 No mountain is too high to climb and no burden is to big handle.. So don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

would never condone rape in any situation or for any reason. However, I believe that in this case, the powers that be allowed Caroline to get her own self into trouble. She committed a reprehensible act and later on, set herself up to be the victim of the same act she had lied about. I believe that if we intentionally hurt people or do bad things, the higher powers may withdraw their support and protection of us and allow us to get our own asses in a sling.

More indepth conversation of vaudou

What is initiation?

To begin with there are many different rank of initiation.

Starting from the lower to the higher rank

1) Housi bosal

2) Hounsi

3)Houngan soupwen

4)Mambo Soupwen

5) Houngan Asongwe

6)Mambo Asongwe

This does not make me a priest of Vodou. The initiation I went through makes me a “hounsi bosale.” Hounsi is essentially a dedicated member of Vodou. Sometimes I see it used to mean apprentices or assistants of priests. In other usages it seems more like a term for a mystic or devotee who is not clergy. There is no analogous term in Christianity. It’s not like baptism, Christening or confirmation, although I erroneously compared it to those things before I underwent it myself.

  • Why did you initiate? It felt appropriate. The lwa have been in my head for over 10 years and finally I’ve had a chance to practice with them formally and learn their traditions, songs, stories. It was time to officially dedicate myself in some way.
  • What about your other religions? I am and will always be a priest of the Old Belief. I practice multiple religions. They’re compatible.

Somodo Basically, it is a conversion. Feeling initiated / kanzo you triggering someone else. You receive spiritual gifts where you / lascivious and espwi to triggering one. Which means you become more connected with their invizib. You triggering an unorthodox / the Voodoo which means you have plenty of spiritual rules to follow. You triggering part of a secret society is an institution.

There are several reasons for someone to initiate your kanzo.

1) people is why kiriozite

2) those who love the pace.

3) people seeking.

4) people espwi / law chosen.

ferent. I feel plugged in, a feeling of being connected. The closest analogy I can get is in deep meditation, in the moment of kundalini. Only it’s happening most of the time, not just in the point of breath, that moment outside of time. It’s constant. I see and feel the world differently. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Moushwa by itself, is a cross it is. Voodoo inside it is a universal respect. It's a color-coded messages as if launched when making announcements and laws / sentinels. One of the biggest things moushwa does it hide / cover the empite of hair. As there are many products kemikal, espwi / laws do not sleep tight stuck with them.

My spiritual Mother

Yacesi Bon Mambo Dagimen menfo

She's the leader of sosyete Tipa-Tipa. Her perystile (Temple) is in Bainet, Haiti

She's know as Marie Antoine Lafaille. Currently lives in Fort-lauderdale Florida

She took my hand across the road to the spiritual realm taught me all I needed to know. Patient, kind individual.